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Buy or Repair A Djembe

Matt wants to help you make your drum sound great!

Earth Rhythms Healing offers djembe tuning, re-heading and medium and full size djembes. We can build you a custom djembe with a kit (pre-carved shell, rings, ropes and skin) either supplied by you (we'll do the labor only)  or we can get one for you and include in the price of the drum. Please email for more details

Full Size djembe 24
We offer full and Medium size shells from West Africa, goat skins from Ivory Coast and built with Love by Matt. 

Medium Size 22"H X 11"D and Full Size 24"H X 13"D. We also have medium size drums made from Iroko Wood from Ivory Coast West Africa.

Here are a couple of links to a demo for the full and medium size djembes, demo by Stephanie:

Matt and Steph Demo Together

Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing one of our djembes.

Top view medium size 22H X 11

Full Size djembe great colors 24

Bob loves his newly re-headed djembe that Matt did for him. We love the red rope that Bob chose!A happy customer with his newly strung and re-headed djembe. 

"I almost wanted to get rid of my djembe when the head broke. I decided to ask Matt to re-head my drum and now it's like a brand new djembe. I'm really looking forward to playing it, it sounds great! I highly recommend Matt if you want the job done right!" Bob Schniders

Re-headed Mali ShellSpecial carved djembe shell re-headed by Matt

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