Earth Rhythms Healing - Entrain With The Earth's Vibration
Upcoming Events:

Earth Rhythms Healing presents "Find Your Drum Voice" at the DjemBlaze Drum Retreat in Berthoud, Colorado, September 15-17, 2017

Where: Parrish Rance, 15722 Parrish Rd, Berthoud, Colorado 80513

When: September, 15-17, 2017, time TBA

Come have fun drumming with Stephanie and Matt of Earth Rhythms Healing while we explore ideas on timing, rhythm, technique and vibration and how group drumming with intention helps us tune into the higher consciousness. We will work on rhythm patterns, time signatures and how to have a cooperative conversation with our drums while creating an ecstatic experience drumming together. No experience necessary. 
We will explore ideas on:
•   Timing, Rhythm and Hand Positions
•   Breaks and Polyrhythms
•   The magick of the drum
•   Basic Solo Technique
•   How to use breath and posture to gain energy
•   Creating an ecstatic experience while drumming together
•   Tuning into the higher consciousness through group drumming
Please bring your drum, a chair and a smile :) We'll have some rhythm instruments available too. 

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