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Find Your Drum Voice - Drum Class/Rhythm Circle

Join Stephanie Kusmer and Matt Farrow of Earth Rhythms Healing for a  community drum class/rhythm circle at 

Where: Double Rainbow Ranch, 6541 N63rd St, Longmont, CO 80503
Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017 2-4pm

The first hour we will lead the circle in some fun group drumming exercises as well as teach a specific West-African rhythm. The second hour, we will guide you through a rhythmic experience while helping you feel comfortable speaking out on your drum. We will also explore ideas on how drumming is healing and why drumming with good intention is so important. 

All levels are welcome. Please bring your hand drum (we will be focusing on the West Arfican instruments djembe and dun duns) but other hand drums are welcome.

$15 suggested class price
Sliding Scale: $10 - $25

We look forward to drumming with you!

Private Drum and Rhythm Classes

Earth Rhythms Healing offers private one and two hour drum/rhythm classes with an emphasis on West African instruments, the djembe and dununs. No experience necessary. 

Contact us at for more information. 
We explore ideas on:
•   Timing, Rhythm and Hand Positions
•   Breaks and Polyrhythms
•   The magick of the drum
•   Basic Solo Technique
•   How to use breath and posture to gain energy
•   Using drumming for meditation
•   Tuning into the higher consciousness through drumming

Stay tuned for more events! 

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