Earth Rhythms Healing - Entrain With The Earth's Vibration
"When we investigate the invisible mechanics of nature, we find that everything in the universe is directly connected to everything else. Everything is constantly being influenced by everything else. No wave in the ocean is independent of any other.” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Stephanie and Matt ~ Earth Rhythms HealingAll things are connected in the Universe. At it’s very basic level everything is energy and vibration. To understand how vibrational healing works, it requires us to take a broader view of our overall beliefs on how healing manifests. It encourages us to go beyond the Western materialist medical model to combine it with a more encompassing model of how we can heal ourselves through shifting our thoughts, actions, beliefs and our environment. Earth Rhythms Healing uses the drum and rhythm to manifest healing on a vibrational level. By training the mind through drumming and rhythm one can create balance within the right side and left side of the brain offering improved focus, vitality and  longevity. Earth Rhythms Healing is located in St. Louis, MO. We also travel the country sharing our drum and vibrational healing events. 

"When we drum together, we communicate on a higher level through rhythm and vibration. This improves overall health and wellness and it is really fun!" Stephanie

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Earth Rhythms Healing offers: 

  • Drum circle facilitation 
  • Rhythm “play”shops 
  • Private and group guided drum journeys
  • Drumming and rhythm empowerment workshops
  • Private and group drum classes 
  • Body balancing chakra tuning fork guided meditation
  • Performances 
  • Custom djembe building and djembe re-heading. 

Steph and Matt's drum class
We facilitate healing on a vibrational level using rhythm, flow, and awareness to shift consciousness. This manifests healing on a deeper level through the alignment of the Mind, Body and Spirit with the Universal Flow of Energy. 

Drum circle at the Connection, Chesterfield, MO 2018Our unique drum and rhythm offerings are perfect for: 

  • Company Retreats and Events 
  • Festivals 
  • Intentional Communities 
  • Schools 
  • Parties
  • Weddings 
  • Retirement Communities 
  • Any other Group or Community Event 

We would love to discuss with you how we can benefit you and/or your groups' health and wellbeing. 
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for more information.

Thank you and Namaste'

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