Earth Rhythms Healing - Vibrational Wellness through Drumming, Rhythm, Time and Space
"When we drum, we tune into ourselves through rhythm and vibration. This improves overall health and wellness and it's really fun!" Stephanie

Stephanie Kusmer is a Vibrational Wellness Facilitator and professional percussionist located in St. Louis, MO. She offers rhythmic events and drum circle facilitation, interactive performances, guided drum journeys and hand drumming and rhythm lessons. 

Now Offering Online Djembe Lessons and Guided Drum Journeys through FaceTime or Zoom. Click Here for more information.

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Stephanie Kusmer ~ Earth Rhythms Healing

Earth Rhythms Healing offers: 

  • NEW: Online Drum Lessons focusing on djembe technique, rhythm and timing. We also focus on history of the djembe and learning West African rhythms.  
  • NEW: Online personalized guided drum journeys with the melodic tank drum
  • Drum/Rhythm Circle Facilitation for Organizational Events, Parties and Team Building 
  • Rhythm “play”shops 
  • Private and group guided drum journeys
  • Drumming and rhythm empowerment workshops
  • Private and group drum classes 
  • Performances 

Warm international spice for this cozy space that Stephanie designedNEW: Online consultations available through FaceTime or Zoom.

As part of vibrattional wellness Stephanie has 20+ years of interior design experience and offers Interior Design/Sacred Space Consulting services to assist you in creating a beautiful and enjoyable living space. 

Stephanie was recently interviewed on MPowered Podcast with Marilyn Eagan and Michael Abney about "Creating Your Sacred Space."  Click Here to Listen to the 11/9/18 Episode.

Call  314-541-2056 or Email us for more information.

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