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Stephanie Kusmer, Earth Rhythms HealingStephanie K. Kusmer, Vibrational Awareness Facilitator - Earth Rhythms Healing

My specialties are time and space and how frequency, energy flow and vibration affect consciousness and wellness. Utilizing my degree in education, my 20 years of creating space and working with energy flow as an interior designer and my focus for the past ten years studying and teaching African rhythms, drumming technique,   and other energy healing methods  I utilize these skills to help empower people to raise their energetic vibration. 

What is a Vibrational Awareness Facilitator?

I assist people in understanding that we are all energy vibrating and depending on our frequency determines how our life manifests. Through rhythm, flow and awareness I guide people in raising their vibration so that they may enjoy a more fruitful life which helps to contribute to the greater whole.

My main area of focus is helping people expand their consciousness through drum and rhythm circle facilitation, drum events and retreats, group and private djembe classes, workshops focused on raising energetic vibration, guided drum journeys and performances. I am a believer that we create our own reality. If each of us can heal our wounds and understand that there is no time but “now” we can turn our world into a balanced and sustainable place to live.

Love for self = love for the planet= love for the life force energy and the divine connection

Matthew Farrow, Rhythm Specialist and Drum Builder

Matt Farrow,  Earth Rhythms HealingMatt is Stephanie's Partner and assists Stephanie with drum circle facilitation and workshops. Matt has a strong background in percussion and helps guide the focus of the musical conversation. In addition, he has a great interest in Shamanism, Eastern Philosophy and African Music which he incorporates into his drumming style and techniques. He is a natural healer and utilizes his abilities to further our goal in bringing broader consciousness, spirituality and humbleness to our rhythmic and healing events and workshops.

Matt also tunes, re-heads and builds djembes. We can build you a custom djembe as well, from a kit (pre-carved shell, rings, rope, and skin) either that you supply or that we can get for you.

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