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Interior Design & Sacred Space

What is Sacred Space?
“Sacred space is a space that is transparent to transcendence, and everything within such a space furnishes a base for meditation…. When you enter through the door, everything within that space is symbolic, the whole world is mythologized” Joseph Campbell

This quote, from one of the greatest philosophers of our time, captures the essence of what it means to feel “at one” with our environment. 

Creating Healthy Space through color, space and energy flow
The ancient sciences of Vastu Shastra (India) and Feng Shui (China) are both based on energy and vibration. These ancient sciences have been practiced for thousands of years as a code for living a healthy and abundant life. The basic concept is that we don’t just observe our space, we consciously interact with it to “create” our environment.
By understanding that our living spaces have a profound affect on our health, allows us to develop a positive relationship with our environment. We have the option to create wellness through “intentionally” creating a space that will support us on a vibrational level. Each action that we take to create this space is a “sacred” act towards our mental, physical and emotional health, which is reflected in our daily lives.
Stephanie was recently interviewed on MPowered Podcast with Marilyn Eagan and Michael Abney about "Creating Your Sacred Space."  Click Here to Listen to the 11/9/18 Episode.

Stephanie designed this easily accessable, beautfiul kitchen for her clientsStephanie has 20+ years of experience helping clients create beautiful, sustainable and sacred spaces in their homes. Whether large or small she can assist you in realizing your goals for living in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Services Offered:
•   Color selection and enhancement consulting
•   Layout and flow consulting
•   Project planning and management 
•   Abundance enhancement and space clearing
•   Sustainable design 
•    Workshops and talks on creating sacred space in our homes
"Stephanie, thank you again for all of the great work you put into our projects! Your touch will live on in spirit as we continue to enjoy our new look."
 Donna and Mark GoestenkorsGlen Carbon, IL

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