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Rhythms To Raise Your Vibration @ Paralounge in FL, May 2014
Earth Rhythms Healing's workshops, classes and "play"shops are designed to empower the participants to utilize rhythm and flow to improve health, well being, communication and to shift consciousness. We utilize traditional and cutting edge techniques to assist individuals in raising their energetic vibration through understanding the power of thought and the mind.  This helps us to heal ourselves, the group mind and ultimately to bring peace, compassion and cooperation to our planet. 

"When I first met Stephanie and Matt my life had been turned upside down and I was in a very dark place. Through participating in Earth Rhythms Healing's drum circles, numerous workshops and classes that they offer and aligning myself with their philosophy on life it has helped me to release negative feelings and emotional trauma.  Thank you both for showing me the way to a balanced and bright future." Rick Burton

Private Djembe and Rhythm Classes 

We are located in St. Louis, MO. If you are interested in private single or small group djembe classes "Find Your Drum Voice" please email us at
[email protected] to schedule.

Find Your Drum Voice ~ Djembe Drum Class and Rhythm Circle
Find Your Drum Voice at Djemblaze Retreat 2017
This drumming and rhythm playshop teaches participants to find their drum voice on the djembe. Stephanie and Matt teach timing, rhythm, hand positions, exercises to assist with right and left hand balance, breathing techniques and the history, spiritual and consciousness expanding significance of the djembe drum. This playshop is informative & lots of fun!

“Exploring West African Polyrhythms” – Djembe and Dunun workshop

Timing is everything… we have some fun working on a couple of West African rhythms while exploring timing and polyrhythms. 

“Solo Phrases 101” 

Stephanie and Matt teach basic solo phrases that can be played at drum circles and other community drumming events. 

Rhythms To Raise Your Vibration

Rhythms To Raise Your Vibration at Coco Wasi, Big Island, HI, 7/9/16Throughout time the drum has called community together. When we drum together, we dream together. Come have fun drumming with Stephanie and Matt of Earth Rhythms Healing while being guided through rhythm to create an ecstatic group drumming experience. We explore ideas on vibration and how group drumming with intention helps us tune into the higher consciousness. Through intentionally drumming together, we increase our ability to cooperatively communicate on a deeper more empathetic level helping us heal ourselves, our communities and our planet. No experience necessary. Come play, dance, chant, or just listen. 

Matt and Steph presenting Heartbeat of Gaia - Breathwork meditation
Heartbeat of Gaia Drum/Rhythm Circle 

Heartbeat of Gaia is an opportunity for participants to come play along, dance, chant, or just listen to the rhythms of the drum while we focus on our breath to help us align with the vibration of the Earth. We  intentionally raise energy through our drum rhythms to raise our vibration, to come together in harmony and to have a great time with community. No experience necessary.

Guided Drum Journey Meditation ~ Activations:
Guided Breath Work and Sound Healing Journey 

We offer guided breath work and sound healing journeys that will take you out of your work-a-day world and bring you to an enjoyable relaxed place. Stephanie introduces the HA breathing technique used by the ancient Hawaiian’s as a key to good health, to increase energy and to help manage stress. 

Then she guides you through a rhythmic sound journey using her metal tongue drum. This melodic instrument is tuned to the key of A which triggers Theta brain waves, helping to bring you to a relaxed and dream like meditative state. Take some time for yourself and experience the healing benefits of this unique and enjoyable journey.

Exploring the Pineal
A Guided Drum Journey~Activation
In this vibrational experience, Stephanie explains the history and significance of the Pineal Gland, how it is being rediscovered today and the benefits of activation. Stephanie will guide the participants in a meditation to open up and journey into the Pineal, also known as the "third eye chakra" or the “Seat of the Soul”. You will feel very expanded from this experience!

Activating Your “Light Body” 
A Guided Drum Journey Meditation

Stephanie Kusmer of Earth Rhythms Healing will guide you on a drum journey meditation to activate your “Light Body” also known as the “Merkabah” or “Chariot”. Stephanie will assist you in activating the grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being linking your multidimensional self with your higher self and the infinite universe. The benefit of activating your “light body” is that it helps you to manifest your hidden talents and soul purpose.

Lucid Dreaming ~ A Guided Drum Journey Meditation

This guided meditation focuses on Lucid Dreaming. Stephanie will create drum rhythms to activate Theta brainwaves to induce a dream like meditative state to assist you in learning how to apply this technique when you are asleep.  Meditation and dreams go hand in hand. You can meditate, and not only achieve a calm, peaceful opportunity to be one with yourself during the day, but reap the benefits of it at night. This journey will help teach you to guide experiences in your waking state as well as your dreams.

Tuning Into The Akashic Records ~ A Guided Drum Journey Activation

This workshop experience is a guided rhythmic journey to explore the threads of lifetimes that each of us are connected to. We will explore the idea of time and space and how rhythmic meditation can assist each of us in connecting with the many incarnations that we have had and/or will experience helping us to establish the idea of an “eternal” self. 

We explore recent scientific discoveries and how they relate to ancient spiritual ideas on multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, tying them together to assist us in healing the multidimensional reality that we are a part of in our current incarnation. Stephanie will lead us in a guided rhythmic meditation to connect with the ideas presented in the workshop. Drummers and non-drummers are welcome. Also, please bring a notebook and pen.

"Miss Stephanie, I was informed by a Reiki healer that I need to go back through my threads and help heal some old hurts, and lend strength to a younger me, to heal where I am today. Also, she said that I needed to go to some past lives as well, and heal hurts that are effecting me in this life, and that's when I told her about your workshop, The Vibrational Lightness Of Being A Journey to Discover Our Eternal Self Through Rhythm, and she said that that would be a great way for me to do it. She said I've been a natural astral projector for most of my life, so that the whole threads idea would be perfect." Kari Crow, Workshop Participant 

"Tapping" Into Eternity 
Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drumming

Stephanie doing her workshop We explore how our perception has everything to do with our experiences in our daily lives and that this is only a small portion of what really exists. Through drumming, we create balance between our left and right brain, open our awareness and third eye chakra and create the ability to see greater patterns that help raise our vibration for a broader view of our reality. This program is designed to help us awaken and to stop limiting ourselves. We discuss how our cultures' language and view of time can keep us in a repetitive cycle and how we can use rhythm and our drums to assist us in seeing creative power in our own abilities and individuality. We also explore how regular drumming as a form of meditation and as group communication assists us with confidence, acceptance and community building. Ultimately this helps us to bring peace to ourselves, our communities and our planet. This is a workshop for drummers and people interested in raising consciousness through drumming. We start by drumming together and then we go into the discussion.

Comments from attendees at our "Tapping" Into Eternity workshop at Wisteria Cornstalk Festival 2012:

Flier promoting Stephanie's workshop at Cornstalk Festival, Wisteria Camp Ground"Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with us. I thoroughly enjoyed attending your workshop and getting to spend a little time with you. You are a very bright soul. Brightest Blessings!" Angie Mohler

"I enjoyed your workshop and have already shared some of your insights with my drumming and dancing community." Angie Never

"I enjoyed your workshop very much. You articulated what most of us feel, but haven't always been able to manifest and clarify into words. I heard people around paw paw and the palace tent echoing the same concepts that were in your workshop, weaving the consciousness all around Wisteria." Jordan Schmidt

Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks – Sound Healing For Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits

Stephanie explores and demonstrates how using specific tuning forks can help to heal our energy fields as well as our physical bodies. Each Chakra tuning fork is aligned to the body’s 7 Chakras also known as the bodies Energy Centers, including an 8th Chakra now considered the Soul Purpose or Soul Star Chakra. We will discuss how the forks work with our energy to fine tune and align each Chakra with a particular resonance that is connected with our physical, mental and spiritual bodies including our organs, glandular system, mental states and spiritual awareness. We will go over how these forks can be used on a regular basis to gain some of the following benefits: 

Stephanie doing her
  • Open our energy meridians and clear blocked energy in the chakra centers
  • Increase our  physical energy
  • Boost our immune systems
  • Provide a deep state of relaxation
  • Synchronize our mind-heart-body rhythms
  • Expand our creativity, clarity and concentration
  • Elevate our overall mood and feelings of well being 

We will also go over the correspondences with color, musical notes and planetary cycles and why they are important to our well being. We will touch on Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) and how we can utilize tuning forks and sound healing to change our thought patterns to benefit our lives and to become more “in tune” with our natural selves.

Drum Circle Facilitation: We offer group and community drum circle facilitation using the drums to guide participants to feel the pulse of the rhythm. We encourage participants to find their "drum voice" which helps with cooperative communication, empathy and confidence.

Private and Group Drum Classes

High Vibe Drum Performances

High Vibe performance at ALIVE Magazine's Fashion Week 2012

Pulling the ropesDjembe tuning, re-heading and building. We can build you a custom djembe with a kit (pre-carved shell, rings, ropes and skin) either supplied by you (we'll do the labor only)  or we can get one for you and include in the price of the drum. Prices vary per job depending on the work to be done.

Individual and Group Guided Drum Journeys and confidence building techniques to help shift perception and clear the mind.

Please consider having Earth Rhythms Healing do a drum circle, "play"shop and/or performance at your next event, festival, program or fair.

Prices vary per project
Please contact us for pricing [email protected] or (314)541-2056

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