Earth Rhythms Healing - Vibrational Wellness through Drumming, Rhythm, Time and Space
Past and Recurring Events:

Below are the many ways that we are helping community strengthen awareness and communication. Let us assist your group or project by having us at your next event!

Since May of 2010, Earth Rhythms Healing has been Facilitating Group and Community Drum Circles, High Vibe Drum Performances, Workshops and Events. 

Djembe Accompanist 2020 Spring Semester "West African Music & Dance" Class at Washington University

Stephanie served as a djembe accompanist for the 2020 Spring Semester "West African Music & Dance" class at Washinton University. Stephanie played specific djembe rhythms for the dancers to dance to and also assisted the dance department music director in teaching the students the drum rhythms that they are dancing to. 

Drum & Rhythm Experience for Hope Creates, January 5, 2020 @ Medici Media Space, St. Louis, MO

Earth Rhythms Healing did a drum/rhythm experience for the group "Hope Creates" on January 5, 2020. This is our second time doing this event for this group. They said it was the favorite of their monthly events.  Hope Creates' mission is to empower young adults in recovery through the engagement of expressive arts and the development of related entrepreneurial skills. By doing so, Hope Creates helps transform the cultural dialogue on addiction through understanding, empathy and insights into those affected by this epidemic.

Sound & Symmetry at the SIUE Fuller Dome September 21, 2019, Edwardsville, IL

On Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Earth Rhythms Healing collaborated with Benjamin Lowder and Pati Pellerito for Sound & Symmetry ~ Fall Equinox Ceremony at the SIUE Fuller Dome. 
Benjamin lead a guided Equinox Sacred Ceremony, invoking the polarities brought on by the Equinox; assisting us as we tune into our center of equilibrium, connecting with other's and the crystalline symmetry and geometry of the Fuller Dome. 
Then Stephanie and Pati supported with harmonic vibrations of gongs, singing bowls and sacred drum rhythms.  Together, we raised and amplified our intentions as we gathered at community on this seasonal celebration. 

"Find Your Rhythm" team building drum circle for Beyond Concequences' Trauma Informed School Conference, St. Charles, MO, June 19, 2019

Stephanie led two one hour drum circle sessions for educators attending the Trauma Informed School Conference in St. Charles, MO. The drum circles were 25 participants each to inform the educators on the benefits of drum/rhythm circles. 

Women's Drum and Rhythm Experience at Better Family Life, St. Louis, MO, 2019 Ongoing.

Stephanie and Malena Amusa lead a women's group drumming experience. We taught the group the rhythm Sinte' and we were empowered playing drums together.

"Celebrate Your Rhythm" Drum/Rhythm circle for Seniors at Friendship Village, Chesterfield on March 4, 2019

Drum/Rhythm Circle for Seniors at Friendship Village, ChesterfieldStephanie and Matt facilitated a drum circle for seniors at Friendship Village assisted living in Chesterfield. The seniors enjoyed getting into the rhythm while participating with drums and percussion instruments. 

Earth Rhythms Healing did a drum circle for the non-profit organization Hope Creates on Sunday, December 9, 2018.
Matt leading a rhythm at the drum circle for Hope CreatesStephanie and Matt facilitated a drum circle as one of Hope Creates' monthly expressive arts events. Hope Creates' mission is to empower young adults in recovery through the engagement of expressive arts and the development of related entrepreneurial skills. By doing so, Hope Creates helps transform the cultural dialogue on addiction through understanding, empathy and insights into those affected by this epidemic.

Find Your Rhythm ~ Communication Beyond Words at Garden of Common Ground, St. Peters, MO, December 2, 2018, January 20, 2019 (Monthly Ongoing).

Stephanie lead an experiencial rhythm circle and how it applies to cooperative communication in our daily lives. This event will be repeated monthly.

January 2019 Find Your Rhythm at Garden of Common Ground

Midwest Crystal Festival at Emmenegger Nature Park, St. Louis, MO, June 23, 2018

Stephanie and Matt created the high vibes with many other Crystal Fest goers at the Midwest Crystal Fest drum circle. 

Drumming Fun at the Midwest Crystal Fest 6-23-18

Spirit Jam Drum Circle at The Connection in Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO, February 2nd, 2018

Drum Circle at The ConnectionWe had an amazing time drumming, dancing and vibing together at Spirit Jam Drum Circle at The Connection. The Connection is a community hub for spirit and consciousness based events to expand our mind, body and spirit and is an excellent venue for our Spirit Jam Drum Circle. We will continue to do events at the Connection. See you there!

"Find Your Drum Voice" Drum Class/Rhythm Circle at Double Rainbow Ranch October-December 2017

Find Your Drum Voice at Double Rainbow RanchWe had fun drumming while learning rhythm, timing and how to speak out on our drums at Double Rainbow Ranch, Longmont, CO. A perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Full Moon Tribal Drum Jam at Double Rianbow Ranch, Longmont CO, October 7, 2017

Steph and Matt were guest facilitators tthe Full Moon tribal drum jam at Double Rainbow Ranch, Longmont COOn Sat Oct 7, 2017 Stephanie and Matt were guest Facilitators
Double Rainbow Ranch, Longmont, CO. 

We played to the rhythm of the Earth, Moon & Stars to recalibrate our synapses to the beat of the drum. We made joyful music around a beautiful campfire unto the moon – and offered prayerful beats to the funkiness of all beings. 

"Find Your Drum Voice" at Djemblaze Retreat, Berthoud, CO, September 15-17, 2017

Earrh Rhythms Healing - Find Your Drum Voice playshopWe did our playshop "Find Your Drum Voice" where we explored ideas on timing, rhythm, technique and vibration and how group drumming with intention helps us tune into the higher consciousness. We focused on rhythm patterns, time signatures and how to have a cooperative conversation with our drums while creating an ecstatic experience drumming together. 

Lucid Dreaming A Guided Drum Journey Mediation at New Thought Center Hawaii, S. Kona, HI, December 9, 2016

Stephanie led a discussion on the idea of Lucid Dreaming and how one can apply this technique. Then she lead a guided drum journey through rhythm on the melodic tank drum tuned to the Key of A to activate Alpha and Theta brainwaves. This created a deep healing journey into a lucid meditative state helping one to understand the technique and how they can apply it while dreaming.

Find Your Drum Voice Drum Class at Hale' Ohia O Pomaikai Healing Arts Center, Pahoa, HI, Saturday, April 15, 2017

Big Island Drum Class 2016Matt and Stephanie enjoyed teaching our last class on the Big Island at Hale' Ohia O Pomaikai Healing and Performing Arts Center in Pahoa, HI. Big Island we will miss you and look forward to coming back to visit in the future. Mahalo and Aloha!

Drum Circle at Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts Retreat Center, Big Island, HI, Nov, Dec, 2016 and Feb 2017 

Dragonfly Ranch Retreat Center,  South Kona HI 2016Stephanie and Matt did a drum class/rhythm circle at Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts Center. We had a great time creating rhythm together and enjoying the beauty of the Hawaiian Jungle. 

Lucid Dreaming: A Guided Drum Journey Meditation @ Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Bid Island, HI, October 22nd, 2016

Lucid Dreaming, A Guided Drum Journey at Kalani, Big Island, HIStephanie led a discussion on the idea of Lucid Dreaming and how one can apply this technique. Then she lead a guided drum journey through rhythm on the melodic tank drum tuned to the Key of A to activate Alpha and Theta brainwaves. This created a deep healing journey into a lucid meditative state helping one to understand the technique and how they can apply it while dreaming.

"Find Your Drum Voice" Djembe Drum Class at Hawaiian Sanctuary, Big Island, HI, August 6th,13th & October 15th  2016 and January 28th, 2017

Find Your Drum Voice at Hawaiian SanctuaryThis class focuses on the djembe drum and is designed to help people better communicate on his or her drum while in a group setting or for personal meditation and enjoyment.
We explored ideas on:
  • Timing, Rhythm and Hand Positions
  • Breaks and Polyrhythms
  • History of the djembe drum
  • Basic Solo Technique
  • How to use breath and posture to gain energy
  • Creating an ecstatic experience while drumming together
  • Tuning into the higher consciousness through group drumming

Drum Circle at "Heal and Be Healed" Holistic Health Fair @ Coco Wasi ~ Center for Conscious Oness, Big Island, HI

Drum Circle at Coco Wasi's Heal and Be Healed Holistic Health Fair
Stephanie and Matt lead an Intentional Drum Circle at Coco Wasi's "Heal and Be Healed" Holistic Health Fair on Saturday, July 16th, 2016. We explored ideas on vibration and how group drumming with intention helps us tune into the higher consciousness. Through intentionally drumming together, we increase our ability to cooperatively communicate on a deeper more empathetic level helping us heal ourselves, our communities and our planet. 

Kasha Full Moon Ceremony at Kalani Oceanside Retreat

On Friday, June 17th and July 15th, Stephanie and Matt joined Nani Ka Ala, local percussion ensemble, at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Kalapana, HI, to play for the powerful Full Moon/Solstice Kasha Ceremony. 

Women's Empowerment
Drum/Rhythm Circle at The Coconut Lanai in Kalapana Seaview Estates on Tuesday, 
May 17th, 31s, June14th 7 28th, 2016 

Stephanie lead a powerful evening for woman to share drumming and rhythm together. 
We also explored ideas on:

Women's Drum Circle~ History of women drummers
~ Sisterhood empowerment through rhythm and intention
~ Timing and how it affects our lives
~ Clearing our minds through coming together in rhythm
~ Raising energy through cooperative rhythmic communication


Rhythm and Flow ~ A Sacred Geometric Sound Journey, January 23rd, 2016 at the Center For Spirituality and Sustainability, Buckminster Fuller Dome on the SIUE Campus, Edwardsville, IL
Rhythm and Flow at the Fuller DomeStephanie Kusmer and Pati Pellerito, CSH in collaboration with the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability’s creative director Benjamin Lowder presented an afternoon of informative discussion and sacred sound healing on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 at the Center For Spirituality and Sustainability's Fuller Dome. Benjamin discussed the history of the dome, designed by R. Buckminster Fuller, and it’s significance to its location on the 90 meridian of the Earth’s energy grid. Pati and Stephanie then guided participants on a sound journey with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums and rattles to align their energy field with it’s natural geometric form that connects you to all of nature.

Matt at TedXGateway ArchEarth Rhythms Healing did a lunchtime drum circle at the TEDxGatewayArch Event Catalyst at Harris-Stowe University
on Saturday November 7th, 2015. TEDxGatewayArch Catalyst is an annual event featuring talks by future forward thinkers of our time.  

Earth Rhythms Healing's Drum Circle at TedXGatewayArch Catalyst Event

Guided Drum Journey

Stephanie did a vibrational sound healing experience at Casa Bagus on Friday, November, 6 and December 4th, 2015.  

Stephanie guided the participants in a sound healing meditation with her metal tongue drum tuned to the key of A focusing on subjects such as activating the 3rd eye chakra and Lucid Dreaming.  

"The meditation took me to a zone outside myself. The drum was a powerful sound journey for me. Much like floating in space. Not to be mistaken for nothingness but a zone of total peace. It was an experience not as observer or participant but finding the stillness within. Thank you!" Kim Kelce

Drum Circle at Fire and Release CeremonyEarth Rhythms Healing did an intentional drum circle at Regina's Realm's Surrender and Release Fire Ceremony at Happy Trails Farm on Saturday, October 24th, 2015. We raised some great energy through our drums to manifest our intentions and it was lots of FUN! 

Click on the below link to check out this video of the Fire Ceremony/Drum Circle:

Drumming at Fire Ceremony

Stephanie doing Guided Breathwork and Sound Healng Journey at Casa BagusStephanie did a guided breath work and sound healing experience at the beautiful Casa Bagus Conscious Community Center on October 16, 2015. Stephanie  introduced the HA breathing technique used by the ancient Hawaiian’s as a key to good health, to increase energy and to help manage stress. 

Stephanie also guided participants through a rhythmic sound journey using her metal tongue drum. This melodic instrument is tuned to the key of A which triggers Theta brain waves, helping to bring participants to a relaxed and dream like meditative state. 

Matt with BIG Bell and Steph playing with Songs of Africa EnsembleStephanie and Matt played performances with Songs of Africa Ensemble including, October 8, 2015 at Eden Theological Seminary as a part of Webster Arts' new October concert series and on December 15, 2015 at Washington Universities Danforth Center. About the Songs of Africa Ensemble: The Songs of Africa Ensemble is a multi-cultural vocal and instrumental group sponsored by African Musical Arts.  The Ensemble teaches about Africa's music, its musical instruments, languages, and cultures.  Singing in more than 20 different African languages, their performances are audience-interactive, educational, and entertaining!  

Songs of Africa Ensemble

At the Taste of Africa community event We had a great time doing a West African drumming demo during a Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) class in St. Louis on September 29, 2015. These monthly classes features wonderful instructor Selas Kidane, who teaches nutritional cooking that empowers participants to take control of their health by embracing traditional foods and cuisines with African roots.

Midwest Crystal FestFor the fourth year Earth Rhythms Healing did an Intentional Drum Circle at the 4th Annual Midwest Crystal Festival 2015 at Emmenegger Nature Park, Saturday, September 26th, 2015. This drum circle was also part of the "Largest Drum Circle in the World" for peace! 

Midwest Crystal Fest

Matt at drum class :)Earth Rhythms Healing was a marketing/outreach partner with WULA Drum for their 17th Annual Drum and Dance Retreat on September 17th-20th, 2015. We also attended this amazing event to brush up on our drum skills and learn new rhythms. The retreat  featured many great teachers at a relaxing and enjoyable retreat getaway at Pocono Valley's 350-acre private resort in Stroudsburg, PA.

Stephanie with Michael Pluznick and John Doing at the Wula Retraet Jam Room

We attended Mbemba Bangoura advanced West African drum class

Earth Rhythms Healing did two workshops at Hawkfest Cerren Ered, Cosby, Tennessee 37722, August 20-23rd, 2015.

workshop Hawkfest“Exploring West African Polyrhythms” – Djembe and Dunun workshop. Timing is everything… we’ll have some fun working on a couple of West African rhythms while exploring the idea of polyrhythms. 

“Solo Phrases 101” Stephanie and Matt will teach some basic solo phrases for the drum circle and why it is important to communicate with others while drumming. 

Earth Rhythms Healing doing a drum circle for the seniors at Delmar GardensEarth Rhythms Healing did a drum circle for Delmar Gardens at Meramec Valley on Thursday, July 16th, 2015. It was fun sharing  rhythm with the seniors and seeing their BIG smiles while we raised some energy together. 

Stephanie and a senior drummer getting into the rhythm at Delmar Gardens

Stephanie and Matt presented "Find Your Drum Voice ~ A Djembe Drum Class and Rhythm Circle" at the Center For Spiritual Living, St. Louis on June 6th, July 15th and August 15th, 2015. We discussed hand positions on the djembe, exercises to assist with right and left hand balance, breathing techniques and the history, spiritual and consciousness expanding significance of the drum. We also taught two djembe patterns and drummed together and discussed why this is so powerful and how it can assist us in being mindful in our daily lives.

Guided Drum Journey At Center For Spiritual Living St. LouisStephanie presented Tuning Into the Akashic Records, a guided rhythmic drum journey to explore the threads of lifetimes that each of us is connected to at the Center For Spiritual Living St Louis on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015. We looked at recent scientific discoveries and how they relate to ancient spiritual ideas on multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, tying them together to help us heal the multidimensional reality that we are a part of. This drum journey activation will help you discover your “eternal” self. 

Bolokada Conde teaching class at Djembe X conference St. Louis MO
Earth Rhythms Healing co-organized with AdLife Studios the Grandmaster Djembe XPlosion at Better Family Life Cultural Center, St. Louis, MO, May 21st-24th, 2015. This is amazing conference, led by West African Grandmasters Bolokada Conde, Moussa Traore, & Mangue Sylla also featured other great teachers and had 48+ hours of djembe & dundun orchestra workshops & immersion with the masters! This was one of the biggest djembe conferences ever.

Some of the attendees of the Grandmaster Djembe XPlosion

Drum Circle before Ferguson Twilight RunWe had an amazing time hosting a drum circle to kick-off the City of Ferguson Twilight 5k/10k & 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday, May 16, 2015. We raised some positive vibes for the City of Ferguson! 

Earth Rhythms Healing - Join Our Drum Circle :)

Stephanie and Matt presenting at the Energy Healing Circle at CSL Stl. also showing drum we make

Earth Rhythms Healing were guest presenters at the REIKI SHARE & ENERGY HEALING CIRCLE at the Center For Spiritual Living St. Louis on Sunday April 26th, 2015. Stephanie and Matt did a half hour presentation and demonstration on the healing power of drumming and how people can participate in this fun and exciting activity. We discussed how drumming expands consciousness and how it can be used to increase a persons'  energy as well as for meditation, relaxation and improving community and group communication. We did a guided drum circle after the presentation.

Matt helping one of our drum circle participants during the drum circle

Steph teaching RhythmStephanie and Matt did two drum/rhythm "play"shops at Hawkfest Drum and Dance Gathering Arkansas April 16-19, 2015 at the Freeman Sanctuary in Paragould AR

Stephanie leading a guided drum journey meditation at the Center for Spiritual Living St. Louis
Stephanie continued her series of guided drum journey meditations at the Center for Spiritual Living St. Louis on Wednesday March 25th, 2015 with "Lucid Dreaming ~ A Guided Drum Journey Meditation."  Stephanie did a guided meditation while creating drum rhythms to activate Theta brainwaves to induce a dream like meditative state to assist participants in learning how to apply this technique when are asleep. This journey helped participants learn techniques to help them guide their experiences in their dreams as well as their waking state.

Stephanie facilitating the drum portion of the RITAM Flow of Life workshop

Stephanie Kusmer of Earth Rhythms Healing and Sheila Fazio of The Moksha Institute co-created RITAM: THE FLOW OF LIFE YOGA & DRUM WORKSHOP an uplifting sacred yoga practice and experiencing African drum rhythms that enlivened and connected us to our heart, to one another and to the great flow of life. Workshop was at C.A.M.P. (Community Arts and Movement Project), 3026 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO on Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sheila teaching the yoga portion of our RITAM Flow of life workshop

Earth Rhythms Healing did an opening drum circle ceremony to kick off "The First Monday of the month @2720=STL Movement" a conversation to make our community better at 2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO on 3/2/15.

Team Building Experience at Design & Detail Interior Design ShowroomEarth Rhythms Healing did a team building experience for interior design showroom Design and Detail on Monday, February 23, 2015. 

"It was a really great event, we can't wait to do it again. It was very uplifting" Jane Barnowski, Design & Detail Employee

Stephanie explaining the Stephanie presented Activating Your "Light Body" ~ a guided drum journey meditation on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at the Center For Spiritual Living, St. Louis. Stephanie assisted participants activating the grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being linking your multidimensional self with your higher self and the infinite universe. 

Stephanie presented Exploring the Pineal ~ A Guided Drum Journey ~ Activation on Wednesday, January 14h, 2015 at the Center For Spiritual Living, St. Louis, 12875 Fee Fee Rd, St Louis, MO 63146 

In this vibrational experience, Stephanie explained the history and significance of the Pineal Gland, how it is being rediscovered today and the benefits of activation. Stephanie guided the participants in a meditation to open up and journey into the Pineal, also known as the "third eye chakra" or the “Seat of the Soul”. An Expanding Experience! 

"Really great evening. Excellent guided meditation and drumming. Had some wonderful visual experiences :) Thanks again!" Jesse

Stephanie did a presentation "Exploring Dimensional Reality Through Drumming" at the Kismet Center of St. Louis on December 4th, 2014. Stephanie  explored ideas on how altered states of consciousness through brain wave activation, drumming and rhythm can be used to heal ourselves and the group mind/consciousness. We can intentionally use these altered states of consciousness to explore other dimensions together through entraining in rhythm to help the greater good of all. 

Stephanie and Matt just completed teaching a five week beginning drum class "Find Your Drum Voice" A Beginners Hand Drumming Class Primarily Focused on Djembe. We focused on our students learning timing, technique and how to speak on their djembe. Oct/Nov 2014 and Jan/Feb 2015. 

Stephanie and Matt presented about the healing vibrations of drumming at the October 2014 MEETUP -- MONTHLY REIKI SHARE & ENERGY HEALING CIRCLE at the Center for Spiritual Living. 

Stephanie presented "Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks, Sound Healing For The Mind, Body and Spirit" at Holistic Journey Store - Swansea, IL on Saturday, October 25th, 2014 

Stephanie playing with Tahitian drum masters on KauaiEarth Rhythms Healing traveled to Kauai, HI October 1-9, 2014 to experience the Aloha vibration. We had the great opportunity to play with Tahitian Drum Masters while there and met lots of great people. What a profound  experience!

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Drum Circle at Midwest Crystal Fest

Earth Rhythms Healing presented the Sacred Fire Intentional Drum Circle At The 2014 Midwest Crystal Festival on Saturday, September 27th from 5-7pm at Emmenneger Nature Park, Kirkwood, MO. This is the 3rd year that we've been honored to be a part of this great community event.

"I appreciate what you did and all the drummers that where able to experience your creativity. Your are definitely blessed with the gift of drum." Creator of the 2014 Medicine Wheel, Ramona VonderHaar

Stephanie did her "Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks, Sound Healing For The Mind, Body and Spirit" on September 18, 2014 at Center of Tranquility, Weldon Springs, MO 

Stephanie doing her workshop
Stephanie and Matt attended ZenFest at Camp Gaea, August 7-10, 2014. Stephanie did her workshop "Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks, Sound Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit and Matt and Steph did our "Play"shop "Rhythms To Raise Your Vibration."  

Drum Class at outdoor festival

Stephanie and Matt did our workshop "Find Your Drum Voice" at the Grand Sabbat @ Oak Spirit Sanctuary, August 2nd, 2014

Djembe class

Regina's Realm Full Moon Release Fire Ceremony Stephanie and Matt lead the drum circle at the Surrender and Release Fire Ceremony presented by Regina's Realm to Benefit the Rescue Horses of Happy Hooves Equine Rescue at Liberty Prairie Farm in Edwardsville, IL on Saturday, July 12th, 2014.

Steph and Matt on the Summer Solstice drumming at Roots In BlissStephanie and Matt did our workshop "Rhythms To Raise Your Vibration" at the Roots In Bliss Healing Arts Gathering in Eldridge, MO, June 19-22, 2014. We also created Rhythm Sanctuary and had a special Summer Solstice ceremony and drum circle on Friday night with more drumming on Saturday night. It was a wonderful event.

Matt drummingStephanie and Matt presented Rhythm Village at the 22nd Annual Pagan Picnic in St. Louis, MO on June 7 & 8, 2014 in Tower Grove Park. We did two workshops "Find Your Drum Voice" a beginning hand drumming class focused primarily on djembe and a breath work/drum meditation "Heartbeat of Gaia". We also had Rick Costa do a middle eastern rhythms workshop. The main drum circle was at Bardic Pavilion on Saturday and despite the rain we had an amazing circle under the pavilion! 

Stephanie and Matt did their "play"shop "Rhythms to Raise Your Vibration" at the 24th Paralounge Drum Gathering in Silver Springs, FL on May 9th, 2014. 

Here is a short clip from the Playshop: 

"My favorite class all weekend! Thanks Stephanie & Matt!" Michelle Curlie Bennett

Photo by Justin Foree

Here is a clip of one of our more energetic jams. Thank you to Justin Foree for filming this video!

Photo by Justin Foree

Matt and Stephanie had the honor to attend a workshop lead by West African Master Djembe player Bolokoda Conde. Then we got to have lunch and hang out a bit after the class. Thank you to AdLife studios/Malena Amusa for presenting this great learning opportunity! 
Djembe master Bolokada Conde and the group

Djembe Explosion

Photo by Eternity Shaina - On top of Monks Mound at Cahokia Mounds 2014 Vernal Equinox

Earth Rhythms Healing raised energy through our drums at a special Smudge - Healing Spring Equinox Ceremony on top of the sacred Monks Mound at Cohokia Mounds World Heritage Site in Collinsville, IL (near St. Louis, MO)

Drumming for Solstice
Earth Rhythms Healing helped raise the vibe at the Yule celebration at Karmic Korner on December, 14, 2013. We had some fun drumming while raising energy celebrating the return of the light!

Drum circle

Earth Rhythms Healing joined Jennifer Adelle for a special event reading out of her new book "Spellbound". We did an experiential drum circle pulled right out of the pages of her new book on November 9, 2013 at Karmic Korner, St. Louis, MO. It was an amazing event!

"I was upstairs reading in bed and thought I heard drums. Then I heard the dunun and thought hmmmm,that sounds great, weird. I was wondering then if it was you Stephanie, and the drums were calling as they tend to do. It was great hearing you. Well and seeing you." Janice M.

Calling in the Spirits!

Earth Rhythms Healing called in the spirits while drumming with community at The 6th Annual Dia De Los Muetros Fiestaon (Day of the Dead Festival) on October 26, 2013 at Mokabe's Coffee House, 3606 Arsenal St, St. Louis, MO 63116

Here is a video of the event. Thanks to Bill Kranz for the video. Watch some of our drum circle at the beginning. Enjoy.

"Earth Rhythms Healing Drum Circle was outstanding; we were so glad to have your healing vibe and Rhythms Stephanie Kusmer. I have so many people to graciously thank for helping us create such a spirited and joyous honoring of the ancestors for 2013." Marri Masse

Stephanie and Matt attended the Paralounge Drum Gathering in Silver Springs, FL, October 11-13, 2013 where we brushed up on our drumming skills by attending workshops and nightly drum circles. One of the workshops we attended was an intermediate to advanced solo workshop by Michael Pluznick. Check out this video of a hi-light of the festival for us when we had a small session with a few folks and Michael. Here is a tour of the Paralounge grounds and a clip of our jam Maraka at 4:20 minutes 

Stephanie doing the workshop

Stephanie and Matt did their workshop "Djembe For All" at Wolvenwold's Songs of Summer Festival Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Drum circle before the Mickey hart show co-lead by Stephanie and Shannon
The promoters of the Mickey Hart band requested Earth Rhythms Healing and Shannon Ratigan of collaborate on leading a drum circle before the show at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO on 9/17/13. Despite the rain, we were able to raise some high vibes before the show and got to meet Mickey Hart and talking drum master, Sikiru Adepoju. It was great night!

Me with talking drum master Sikiru Adepoju

Here's a short clip of our drum circle:

What an honor to meet two very accomplished and amazing musicians. Mickey Hart and talking drum master Sikiru Adepoju

Do I need to say anything? Me and Mickey Hart, what an honor to meet him!

Earth Rhythms Healing did
Matt and Steph leading the medicine wheel drum circle at 2nd annual Midwest Crystal Fest
an intentional drum circle for peace and healing at the 2nd Annual Midwest Crystal Fest at Emmenegger State Park September 7th
and on September 8, 2013 Stephanie did her workshop on  The Healing Power of Huna - An Introduction to Hawaiian Spirituality and Practice 

Earth Rhythms Healing presented Tuatha Dea in concert on Thursday, August 22nd and had Tuatha Dea as guests at our bi-monthly drum circle Spirit Jam on Friday, August 23rd, 2013. Tuatha Dea is from Gatlinburg, TN and they do drum circle facilitation and play shows throughout the United States. They are a high vibe family spreading the light through their music and drumming which is aligned with Earth Rhythms Healing purpose.

Stephanie did her workshop
"The Vibrational Lightness Of Being", A Journey to Discover Our Eternal Self Through Rhythm at the College of Occult Science first Grand Sabbat on the weekend of August 15-18, 2013 @ Oak Spirit Sancturary

Stephanie doing a Workshop at Zenfest 2013

Stephanie did two workshops at Zenfest,
August 1-4, 2013 at Camp Gaea. Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks – Sound Healing For Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits and "Tapping" Into Eternity Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drumming.

Earth Rhythms Healing presented Rhythm Village at the 21st Annual Pagan Picnic. We did several workshops and a main drum circle on Saturday, June 8 & 9, 2013

Stephanie presented Intro To Chakra Tuning Forks – Sound Healing For Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits at Mystic Valley on Sunday, April 14th, 2013. 

Earth Rhythms Healing Called in the Spirits with the drumbeats at The 5th Annual Dia De Los Muetros Fiestaon Saturday, October, 27th, 2012 Outside of Mokebee's Coffee House in South City Saint Louis, Missouri 

Earth Rhythms Healing did a high vibe drum performance at the finally of Alive Magazines St. Louis Fashion Week events leading into the Saturday evening, Oct 13th, 2012, fashion show, Liquid Style @ Pointe 400

Earth Rythms Healing did a special intentional drum circle at Earth Dance St. Louis 2012 - A World Peace Event
on September 22, 2012

Earth Rhythms Healing shared our workshop
"Tapping" Into Eternity, Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drumming at Yarrow's Mabon Festival  @ Ozark Avalon Church of Nature September 14-16, 2012.

Stephanie doing a workshop at 1st annaul Midwest Crystal Fest
Medicine Wheel Drum Circle at the Midwest Crystal Festival, Sept. 8, 2012.
Utilizing the symbolism of the Native American Medicine Wheel and the power of the corresponding Crystals, we “vibrationally traveled” the corridors of the wheel from the center of the circle leading out to the four directions. Stephanie also did a workshop on "Aligning Your Energy Field Through Chakra Tuning Forks" on Sunday, Sept. 9th, 2012. Stephanie explored and demonstrated how using specific tuning forks can help to heal our energy fields as well as our physical bodies.

Earth Rhythms Healing did our workshop "Tapping" Into Eternity, Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drumming @ the Wisteria Cornstalk Festival August 31-September 3rd, 2012.
"I enjoyed your workshop and have already shared some of your insights with my drumming and dancing community. Thanks for your time!" Angie Never 

Folks drumming at the Sound Room's employee appreciation party

Earth Rhythms Healing does drum circles for company parties and events. We had an energetic drum circle for The Sound Room company party at Oishi Japanese Steak House on Sunday 8/19/12. We helped turn the party into a celebration of Rhythm

Earth Rhythms Healing did our workshop
"Tapping" Into Eternity, Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drummingat the Wolvenwold Music Festival.
Here's a comment from the organizer of the event:.
 "Again, thank you ALL for coming and adding your energies to this years Wolvenwold Summer Music Festival! You guys rocked us to sleep each and every night, and left our heads all filled with those wonderful drummy dreams and took us to the realms of rythym once again. Looking forward to seeing our "drum core" again next year for some more sacredness, sanctuary, serenity, and those kickin' sounds! BIG love to you guys, you RAWK! Love, Light and many Blessings." Beltana Spellsinger, Wolvenwold

Main drum circle at the 25th annaul Pagan Picnic 2012
Earth Rhythms Healing put together an assortment of vibration raising meditations and workshops to create
Rhythm Village at the 20th Annual Pagan Picnic in St. Louis, MO June 9-10, 2012. We also did the main drum circle which had over 50 people attending. The program  including:Magic, Awareness and Sound; Healing with Singing Bowls and Gongs;Awakening the healer within lead by Patti Pellerito, Releasing the Inner Hoop God or Goddess with Michelle Schaeffer, "Tapping" Into Eternity, Exploring Vibrational Consciousness Through Drumming with Stephanie Kusmer of Earth Rhythms Healing, and The Magick of Rhythm with Andrew Behnen, Matt Farrow and Stephanie Kusmer. Teaching the art of Rhythm and how when you broaden your capacity to play different rhythms it deepens your ability to communicate through your drum. 

Folks drumming at Spirit Jam at the Archive 2010
Earth Rhythms Healing puts on community drum circles twice a month at different locations.
Some current and past venues: The Archive Bookstore,  Labyrinth Enterprises, Art Dimensions at 2720 Cherokee and Loopie’s Art Market on Cherokee and C.A.M.P. (Community Arts and Movement Project) - ongoing

Earth Rhythms Healing produced a community conscious gathering screening of “2012 A Time For Change” with Daniel Pincheck.
After the screening Stephanie lead a community discussion and networking with green leaders from the community on how to actively make our community more sustainable and then engaged everyone in a community drum circle that followed.

Stephanie wrote and presents the workshop “Tapping” Into Eternity, Exploring Vibrational Consciousness  Through Drumming.
(ongoing at locations and events, In-Power Institute, Rhythm Village at the Pagan Picnic, June 2012, Music Heals the Earth festival at Wolvenwold, July 2012, Wisteria Corn Stalk Festival Labor Day weekend 2012.

Stephanie does  tuning fork toning sessions and workshops
based on Chakra Energy Clearing as a path to healing. These sessions and workshops focus on how using Tuning Forks we can realign our Chakras for unblocking the energy flow in the astral body.

Elec Simon from STOMP

Stephanie worked with the Kansas City Drum Tribe to create
a community drum circle event lead by Elec Simon from STOMP

Stephanie playing with Raw Earth summer 2010

Stephanie had the enjoyable summer of 2010 playing djembe for the Tribal Fusion group Raw Earth.

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