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Upcoming Events:

Heart Opening Guided Drum Meditation

Heart Opening Guided Drum MeditationWhere: Demun Healing, 734 Demun Avenue, Clayton MO, 63105

When: Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 2:30-4:00pm (please arrive 10 minutes early)

Join Stephanie Kusmer of Earth Rhythms Healing for another Heart Opening Guided Drum Meditation at Demun Healing on Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 2:30-4pm.

Stephanie will start by introducing rhythmic breathing exercises to help you relax and oxygenate your blood. She will then gently guide you through a rhythmic drum meditation on her melodic tank drum which will activate your alpha and theta brainwaves. This activation will assist you in reaching a meditative state through vibrational entrainment (internal synchronization to an external rhythm).

-Releases stress
-Calms the mind
-Tunes you into the natural rhythms of your body
-When you meditate in a group, you feel the increased “strength” of the experience.
-Opens you to compassion and empathy
-Produces joyful feelings

Energy Exchange: $20.00 per person. Click here to Pre-register with PayPal

Bring a blanket or a pillow to sit on during the meditation. Chairs will be provided if you prefer not to sit on the floor. Space is limited to 12 so please pre-register. If there are any remaining spaces available, it’s cash at the door on a first come basis. Please no children under 12 years and no refunds unless event is canceled.

Find Your Rhythm ~ Communication Beyond Words

When: Sunday, January 20, 2019 1:30-3pm

Where: Garden of Common Ground, 1365 Triad Center Drive, St. Peters, MO
Find Your Rhythm, Find Your FlowRhythm is the Universal Language. Our lives are immersed in rhythm, the rhythm of our heartbeats, circadian rhythms of day and night and the rhythms of the seasons. Drums and percussion have been played by every culture throughout history. Playing percussive rhythm together creates cooperative communication beyond words. It allows for each individual to have a voice within the rhythm by raising energy together without limitation. The rhythm is the common thread. 

This experience is more than a free form drum circle. Stephanie is a professional percussionist and drum teacher who uses drumming and rhythm as a healing modality. Stephanie will teach ideas on rhythm and timing and how it applies to cooperative communication in our daily lives. She will also guide us through a rhythmic experience that creates a safe space for creativity within rhythm.  

No experience necessary. If you have a hand drum or rhythm instrument please bring it, if not we will have some available for you to use. 

  • Releases stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Tunes you into the natural rhythms of your body
  • Playing rhythm in a group helps you feel the increased “strength” of the experience.
  • Opens you to compassion and empathy
  • Produces joyful feelings

$20.00 energy exchange: To register with PayPal click here: Or you can pay at the door. We collect the energy exchange so that we can continue to bring events like this to you. We appreciate your support!

Note: Please no children under 12 years and no refunds unless event is canceled. Thank you.

Drum Circles for Events, Parties and Organizational Team Building

Perfect for Holiday Parties! Have us come do a drum circle for your next party or group event. We will bring the drums and the fun! Feel the charge of the drum and power of everyone in the rhythm together!

Have us do a drum circle for your next event or party

Private Individual and Group Drum and Rhythm Classes

Earth Rhythms Healing offers private drum/rhythm classes with an emphasis on West African instruments, the djembe and dununs. No experience necessary. We focus on how drumming helps create mindfullness, helps you tap into your rhythm and engages both sides or your brain for physical and mental health. 

Contact us at  for more information. 
We explore ideas on:
•   Timing, Rhythm and Hand Positions
•   Breaks and Polyrhythms
•   The history and magick of the drum
•   Basic Solo Technique
•   How to use breath and posture to gain energy
•   Using drumming for meditation
•   Tuning into the higher consciousness through drumming

Private Individual and Group Guided Drum Journeys

Stephanie will come to your home and do a private guided drum journey for you and/or a group of people that you would like to share the experience with. If you are interested please contact Stephanie for more details at

Stay tuned for more events! 

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