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Creating Value in a New Paradigm Beyond Consumption - We Have to Change Our Minds

As I see it we are in a birthing process right now of a new phase in human existence. This is not only for humans but also for all beings on the planet and even Gaea herself since we are really all One! So here’s my quandary, and I know I’m not alone, how do we take our current monetary, economic and cultural systems and move them into a new paradigm of what we consider valuable?  This encompasses not just our American systems and culture but also the worlds. Depending on where one lives determines how accepted the new paradigm of value will be received.  

The big question in my opinion is how do we change our perception on the negativity of money and use it as a tool to move ourselves into abundance and support for spiritual and artistic pursuits? Is the answer, get rid of the monetary system all together? Or is it shift our perception of what we consider valuable and also what we consider compensation.  

With our current system we are constantly consuming. We feel this is natural since we’ve been programmed to do so since we were born into the system. Some of us realize this is a road to nowhere. Some of us don’t question it but feel there may be another way because we are in such a struggle right now. Some of us like the way the system is because we’ve dedicated our life to making money and we are sitting pretty with everything we could possibly imagine on the material plane. Then there is a vast amount of people who feel the change and shift and want to be a part of it. So how do we do this?  

Barter has been brought up many times as a solution. Also, gift societies and alternative currencies including time vouchers. I feel all of these on a small scale can work if your environment will support it and there are enough people agreeing and participating. But we are in a different situation now. We are in a global situation. So we have to consider the bigger picture.  

What is the most important commodity? I’d say food, wouldn’t you? Ok, so he or she who grows the food has the most valuable trade item. Next off who are the folks that may be doing well on this new system? I’d say people who know how to build shelters and are creative with there hands. Great! That is important as well. Energy is another big one. People who know how and are willing to live off-grid are already making the change. I still feel it’s important to think of the larger picture though. All of these things are valued in our current economic system too, even though our current system has run amok so to speak. Some would say spiritual things do have value and are supported for example donating to churches and synagogues. What this really does is keep the well oiled machine that has been created to continue on a crash course. But as we are seeing and feeling something has to change. Change is inevitable.  

We created our current monetary system to address these questions and now we are ready for a higher level of conscious attainment as a whole. People want to be compensated for their creativity. We as individuals need and want to share with others our personal art, music, poetry, dance and other higher forms communication. So how do we place value on these things? We’ve been told that these things are spiritual and don’t hold a price tag. Drumming for instance, was done by the tribe to assist the field workers to do their work. This still goes on in Africa and some other places where tribes live together. The tribe values this art and considers it an important cog in the wheel of the food chain. In our modern society drumming is something that everyone feels they can do but of course don’t need to pay for it. How does a drummer, visual artist or poet in our modern society keep food on their table? We struggle. We hope for someone to like and support our work but it still breeds competition and doesn’t support higher dialogue and cooperation. This is where I think we need to change our minds!  

So let’s consider how we can support the individual in their personal art and spiritual offerings so that we can move into more compassionate and less competitive reality. It’s already started. Look at all of the wonderful workshops and yoga classes that are available for an agreed upon fee. Yoga has become big business. Is that where we want it to go?  

I don’t claim to have the answer other than I suggest that we need to figure out how we can honor each others work and still eat. Many feel our global awakening will automatically unfold out of necessity and I hope this is true.  I feel the more dialogue we have regarding this subject and the more people willing to explore new ways of living are of great importance. But most of all we have to change our minds. When we change our minds to believe that each of us is a beautiful spark of divinity dancing in the infinite universes of possibilities we can then believe we collectively dream our future into existence.  

Love and Light! Stephanie  

Stephanie K. Kusmer
Earth Rhythms Healing

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