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Lucid Dreaming ~ A Guided Sound Healing Journey

Please Join Earth Rhythms Healing this Friday, December 4, 2015 from 7:30-8:45 at the beautiful and serene Casa Bagus, 6318 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63117. 

In this vibrational sound healing experience Stephanie Kusmer of Earth Rhythms Healing will focus on the idea of Lucid Dreaming. 

Stephanie will create drum rhythms with her metal tongue drum tuned to the key of A to activate Theta brainwaves to induce a dream like meditative state. This assists you in learning how to apply this technique when you are asleep. Meditation and dreams go hand in hand. You can meditate and not only achieve a calm, peaceful opportunity to be one with yourself during the day, but reap the benefits of it at night. 

Lucid dreaming helps disolve personal limitations and helps you feel more expanded. This journey will help teach you to guide experiences in your waking state as well as your dreams.

Take some time for yourself and experience the healing benefits of this unique and enjoyable evening. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket. There will also be some available if you don’t have one. You will feel very expanded from this experience!

$15 - To Pre-Register with PayPal please click here:

Or you can pay cash at the door that evening. :)

Casa Bagus is an inclusive community dedicated to the joyful and conscious personal development of each individual through spiritual practice, educational programs, workshops and personalized holistic wellness services. For more information about Casa Bagus click here

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